Perle Fine-Abstract Expressionist-New York School art 1950s

Perle Fine-Absract Expressionist-New York School art 1950s

Perle Fine belonged to the early generation of New York School Abstract Expressionist Artists whose artistic innovation by the 1950s had been recognized across the Atlantic including Paris.
Artists including James Brooks, Nicolas Carone, Giorgio Cavallon, Willem & Elaine De Kooning, Enrico Donati, John Ferren, Perle Fine, Michael Goldberg, Robert Goodnough, Grace Hartigan, Hans Hofmann, Earl Kerkam, Franz Kline, Albert Kotin, Conrad Marca-Relli, Joan Mitchell, Robert Motherwell, Richard Pousette-Dart, Milton Resnick, James Rosati, Louis Schanker, David Smith, and Esteban Vicente were the 24 artists from the total of 256 participants who were included in the famous 9th St. Show, (1951) and in all the following New York Painting and Sculpture Annuals from 1953 to 1957. These Annuals were important because the participants were chosen by the artists themselves.
Perle Fine said: 
” I never thought of myself as a student or teacher, but as a painter.
When I paint something I am very much aware of the future.
If I feel something will not stand up 40 years from now, I am not interested in doing that kind of thing.”
Oil on canvas, 38 x 63 inches

Perle Fine, Untitled, 1951
Oil and sand on canvas, 68 x 29 inches
Perle Fine, Ceremony of a Kind, 1955
Oil on canvas, 
43 3/4 x 49 3/4 inches
Oil collage on canvas with aluminium foil, 42 x 52 1/4 inches. 
Books including Perle Fine with each two images, statement and biography:

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