The New York School Press publishing company is dedicated to the production of Fine Art books. It is concerned primarily with the documentation of the unique American Art of the Post-War period. The books are printed by Cantz in Germany. Every effort is made to achieve exceptional quality and enduring value. The books are lavishly illustrated with hundreds of 9 x 12 inch full-page color reproductions on acid-free, double-coated heavy paper stock. The bindings are library quality.
The New York School Press represents The Herskovic Collection

New York School Abstract Expressionists
American Abstract Expressionism of the 1950s
American Abstract and Figurative Expressionism
Albert Kotin American Abstract Expressionist of the 1950s

All books maybe acquired at

Original artworks are available

  • Ernest Briggs

  • Nicolas Carone

  • Enrico Donati

  • Perle Fine

  • Alex Katz

  • Albert Kotin

  • Conrad Marca-Relli

  • Anne Ryan

  • Jack Tworkov

  • Adja Yunkers

  • and many others


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